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Student projects 2014

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Group 1

Anne, Cécile / Beltrán, Antoni / Bläser, Marcel / Capper, Shane / Garcia, Joseba / Bäckström, Disa

Multiomics approach on the anhydrobiosis pathway in Tardigrada (water bears) and its implications for space travelling (pdf)

Group 2

Ferrando, Manuel / Danila, Nicolas / Kirse, Ameli Kim / Dallas, Sarah / Webber, Charlotte

Does growth in variable gravity affect the structure and energy content of plants? (pdf)

Group 3

Hage, Maria / Jarroux, Julien / Gómez, Miquel / Krings, Markus / Gorbatsova, Jelena / Lallo, Eleonora

Do we have micro-organisms on Earth that could colonize a Europa-like environment? (pdf)

Group 4

Migliorino, Mario Tindaro / Konan, Henri Philippe / Soós, Julien / Kiu-Wai, Cheng / Samuel Miravet

Aquatic life on Mars (link)

Group 5

Werner, Jennifer / Rouquette, Laura / Mattenberger, Florian / Nguyen, Ngoc / Tamayo, Miguel

Methane as an alternative energy source: an application of anaerobic methane producing Archaea (pdf)

Group 6

Svedberg, Jesper / Viacava, Pietro / Wittig, Katrin / Talsi, Yasmin / Rumińska, Agnieszka

Have we found life? (pdf)

Rough scheme for experiment development 2014


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